Edit Tournament

Enter or Modify tournament results.

Enter or Edit Tournament

  • Enter the players' names for each game in the first round, then assign the winner for each game.
  • Tap Save after each round has been entered.
  • Normally you need to enter player names for the first round only. After that, the site will automatically populate the player names for subsequent rounds according to the result of the previous round. However, it is possible to manually override the preset names, for example if a player forfeits the next round.
  • If option Ranked Players is set to Ranked in the tournament setup in the back-end, then player names show with their respective rank in the season. Use button Games from Ranking to populate the first round according to player's ranks before any players are entered into the tournament. This is the way to enter Playoffs in individual leagues (player vs player) and cannot be used for team leagues, as there is no ranking criteria for players available in team leagues. If the option is set to Week count the player names show with the number of weeks they have played in the season, and the additional button is not available.
  • The date of the tournament is preset in the tournament setup. If the tournament was played on a different date, modify the date of play accordingly. It is not possible to assign different dates to different games. If your tournament spans over multiple days, enter the beginning or the end date of the tournament, whatever makes most sense in your season and differs from regular match play.

Browser limitations

  • Each Select Player drop down list shows a list of all players who played at least one game during the current season. Because of browser memory limitations, those select lists cannot all be populated at the same time.
  • When selecting a player, tap into the Select Player drop down list twice. The first tap will populate the list with all the names, the second tap opens the list for you to select the player.
  • The limit of how many players you can select before saving depends on the total number of players in your league. If your league is large, save the tournament after every few players entered, to avoid the browser to exceed it's memory capacity.
  • Close all other windows and tabs of your browser to minimize the browser's memory consumption.

Good to know

  • If this is a double elimination tournament, then you should enter player names in the first round of the winner's bracket only.
  • You should enter every game in the first round with a least one player name, however, there are rare cases when a game in the first round must be entered with 2 BYEs (e.g. a player forfeiting the first round game). The website will alert you of this, Ok will take you back to player entry, Ignore will allow you to save.
  • The number of players in one tournament must be between 5 and 64 for singles tournaments and between 10 and 128 for doubles tournaments.
  • You can save the tournament at any time, before all information is complete.
  • Tournaments already entered can always be modified to complete player names or correct mistakenly entered data.
  • The weeks each player has played during the season are indicated in brackets behind the player's name. If a player has played an insufficient number of weeks, the name is shown in red. This allows to enter players who do not fulfill the qualification requirement of mid or end of season tournaments.
  • Player ratings are automatically updated when the tournament is saved, there is no need to recalculate the season data, except if you enter or modify the tournament after the league has played other tournaments or regular matches.
  • Any player can be entered within the same round. The website does not check if the same player has been entered twice.
  • Every game needs to have a winner, but you may assign the winners after saving the player names for a round.
  • Once the player names for a game are entered, and the winner is assigned, the winning player (and, for double elimination tournament, the losing player) is automatically inserted into the next round. Use the bracket definitions provided by the website to make sure players are entered into the correct next game.
  • When the number of players is not 8, 16, 32 or 64, enter the games where players play in the next round like this: enter the first round with a player name and a BYE. The website then assigns the winner automatically. In a double elimination tournament, this BYE then appears again in the losers bracket. For those games you need to assign the winner to the player having a BYE manually.
  • If a player does not show up for a game other than in the first round (of the winners bracket for a double elimination tournament), then the player name needs to be replaced with a BYE so that no ratings are calculated for the game.
  • Note that while the tournament entry is incomplete, visitors to the site may view the tournament result and will notice that some of the player names show as Not entered yet.