Playoff Setup

You must follow the sequence as outlined here. The playoff schedule cannot be updated once match play has started.


Playoff name If you selected “Division” playoffs, make sure each of the playoffs in the same season has a different name, e.g. Division A, Division B, …
Playoff bracket Championship: no brackets, all teams participate in the same playoffs
Championship A: upper bracket playoffs
Championship B: lower bracket playoffs
Division: teams within same division participate in division playoffs
Type of playoff Regular single elimination playoffs with consolation match (match for 3rd place)
Regular single elimination playoffs without consolation match
“within division then division winners” playoffs with consolation match
“within division then division winners” playoffs without consolation match
“AFL-style” playoffs with consolation match
“AFL-style” playoffs without consolation match
Number of teams Number of teams in the playoffs. Must match the number of assigned teams for the playoffs.
Round # date Date of playoff round #
  • Choose your playoff preferences, then Save.

Assign Teams

  • Check the teams which participate in this playoffs, then Save.


  1. Once the teams are assigned, the schedule populates automatically for the 1st round, depending on the playoff type chosen.
  2. Tap Reset Pairings to remove the generated schedule and enter a manual schedule. This can only be done, as long as no matches have been played in round 1.
  3. Tap Save & Close to finish, or Save and then Close.