Edit or Add new Player

Enter or Modify player information.

Edit Player information

  • Enter the player's First and Last Name. Tap Swap first/last to swap first and last names already entered. It is not possible to enter a player with identical first, nick and lastname as one already registered in the database. Assign a different nick name if you need to register a player with the same first and last name.
  • Enter a Nick Name and select the player's Nationality, both is optional.
  • Select how to display the player's name throughout the website: Show nick name only and Show last name first. Note that logged in members of the league always see the full name of the player, but visitors see only the nick name, if this option is selected.
  • Select the player's Gender.
  • Mandatory fields are highlighted in orange color.
  • Provide a Phone number, User Name, and a valid Email address to allow this player to login to the site.
  • Tap Update to save, or Cancel to go back to Edit Team.

Optional Settings

  • You can Add player to pool if your league maintains a player pool.
  • Administrators can enter a player Handicap. Such handicap must be entered in the format of a player rating, and will replace the calculated season start rating or the initial rating of the league for the season the player is edited in. Non-Administrators will see this Handicap if set, but won't be able to change it.
  • Administrators can enter the Player Division in individual leagues. Non-Administrators will not see this.
  • Administrators can enter a Manual sort criteria in individual leagues. This can be used to manually overrule the automatic sort of players in individual leagues. For this to work you also need to adjust the sorting criteria in the league settings in the back-end. Non-Administrators will not see this.