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Edit Player Profile

echo '<br>'; echo '<h4>'.JText::_('Player Settings').'</h4>'; echo '<br><br>'; echo 'Player Settings will display your name in matches, and team and player information of the website.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo 'Please enter your First, Last and Nick Name here. Nick Name is optional, and you may choose to only have your Nick Name displayed to visitors of '; echo 'the site, in which case you need to select <b>Show Nick Name only</b>. If you wish that your Last Name is displayed first, then select <b>Show Last Name first</b>.<br>'; echo 'Please verify that your captain selected the correct <b>Gender</b> when your profile was created.<br>'; if ($captain) {

echo '<br>';
echo '<b>Function</b> will show your current function in the Itaewon Pool League.<br>';

} echo '<br><br>'; echo '<h4>'.JText::_('Member Settings').'</h4>'; echo '<br><br>'; echo 'Member Settings define your profile when logged in to the website. You cannot change your User Name, but you can change <b>Your Name</b> which will show when logged in, '; echo 'for example in the forum.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo 'Click '.JText::_('Upload Image').' on the right hand side of the screen to upload your picture or change the existing picture. The link will take you to your profile page '; echo 'of the forum. Find the <b>Upload Avatar</b> line, click <b>[Browse…]</b> to select your picture, then click <b>[Upload]</b>. Note that the image size cannot exceed 100KB size, and that the best fit is an image with 80×80 pixels.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo '<b>User Name</b>: your user name to login to the site.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo '<b>Your Name</b>: your real name, which will initially be the same as your first and last name (Player Settings), as registered by your captain. The name you enter here '; echo 'should always allow to identify you as a person throughout the league.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo '<b>Email</b>: Please ensure your email address is valid. Without a valid email address your profile and account will be deleted, and you will not be able to login to the site anymore.'; if ($captain) echo 'Note that your email address will also be used for the <b>Contacts</b> list accessible by Captains.'; echo '<br><br>'; echo '<b>Password</b>: Type a new password if you want to change your password.<br>'; echo '<br>'; echo '<b>Verify password</b>: Re-type your new password.<br>'; echo '<br>'; if ($exec) {

echo '<b>Back-end language</b>: The back-end is only available in English, so leave the setting to <b>English</b>.<br>';
echo '<br>';

} echo '<b>Front-end language</b>: The website is available in English and Korean. You may set this to <b>Korean</b> as default language after having logged in. Note that you can switch the '; echo 'language on the upper right corner of the website by clicking one of the flags. If cookies are enabled in your browser, then the language setting will be kept, whether '; echo 'you are logged in or not.<br>'; echo '<br>'; if ($captain) {

echo '<b>User Editor</b>: Leave the User Editor set to <i>Editor-TinyMCE</i>. This is the editor used within the website when entering text, such as when posting in the forum.<br>';
echo '<br>';
echo '<b>Help Site</b>: Leave the Help Site set to <b>Local</b>.<br>';
echo '<br>';

} echo '<b>Time Zone</b>: This should be set to <i>(UTC +9.00) Tokyo, Seoul</i>.<br>';