Set Arbitrary Score

Enter or modify arbitrarily ruled match.

Enter or Edit an arbitrarily ruled match

  • Enter team points for all forfeit and “bye” types. If the points for both teams are different, then they are used to determine the winning and the forfeiting team.
  • Equal points will assign a score to both teams. If Award match win is set to Yes, and if draw points are set in the configuration of the season, then both teams receive the draw points.
  • It is also possible to assign average points to both teams by entering equal points, in which case both teams will have their average game points calculated, but will receive the match win points if the average allows.
  • In such a case no game points will be subtracted for the delta game calculation for average points of the other team.
  • For average calculated scores with minimum, enter the number of game win points assigned to the winning team (or both teams) as a minimum. E.g., if the team points are set to 8 and the type of entry is Average points with minimum, then the team gets at least 8 game win points for the match.
  • Arbitrary rulings in playoff matches must show game win points for the winning team which would win them the match, and Scored must be selected as type of ruling.
  • Tap Set score when done.