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Bar Edit

Venues are defined here. Only rename a venue, if a specific location was renamed, otherwise enter a new venue.


  1. Tap New to add a new venue.
  2. Modify Venue names, then tap Save or Save & Close when done.
  3. For consistency with previous season data, venue names cannot be deleted.
  4. If you rename venues, all previous seasons will show the renamed names.
  5. Enter the venue's address, phone number, location description, and internet presence.
  6. For latitude and longitude of the venue, go to Google Maps and find the location of the venue. Click the location, or a point just next to it, and copy / paste the latitude and longitude coordinates. Venues will be listed under menu Locations in the frontend, if latitude and longitude have been entered here.
  7. End this activity before making changes with Cancel, or after making changes with Close.

Map Settings

These settings are used to access the Google Maps API, which allows to show the correct locations of the venues.

Google API Key Get a Google API key here.
Width Default is 100% which means the available view width.
Height Default is 1000 (px).
Zoom Enter the zoom factor which displays the map as large as possible and shows all the bars of the league.
Center Enter the center of the map in format {lat:37.535000, lng:126.992500}. If left blank, google maps will determine the center.