Recalculate Season

Data entered for a date prior to latest data entry requires recalculating the current season.

Recalculate the Season

  1. Recalculate Season is necessary when matches are modified, which were played more than 1 week before the current date. When entering matches, player ratings are automatically calculated based on the previous ratings of the players. When match results are updated before the next match play date, then it is not necessary to recalculate the season.
  2. If Unknown Players are updated in previous weeks' matches, then recalculate season allows to update all player ratings.
  3. It is not necessary to calculate the season when setting up new seasons. The logic for setting up new seasons (in the backend) will take care of all player ratings.
  4. Previous seasons can be recalculated by the Webmaster only. Once a new season has started and made active, all previous seasons are considered to be final with all results and ratings.