Team Ranking

This view provides the current ranking of the teams.

Average Rating Played

  1. The average is calculated from all player ratings after each game played during the season.
  2. Example: after the first week of the season, there are 18 ratings per team registered in the database, one for each player and game. The average after the first week would be taken from these 18 rating entries. After the second week, it would be taken from 36 rating entries, etc.
  3. Ratings of Unknown Players, and forfeited games, are not calculated into the average.

Average Rating Team

  1. The average is calculated from all current player ratings. Click on a team name to see all players who's ratings calculate into the average.
  2. All players who played at least one game during the season are listed in the team view, and are calculated into the average. This includes players who were set inactive by the captain, e.g. who left Korea or quit the team.

Total Points

  1. This view also provides the total points calculated from match win points, all game win points, bonus and penalty points. This is for reference, and calculated the same way as in the Standings view.
  2. The view can be sorted by Average Rating Played, Average Rating Team, or Total Points.